Petits Fours Glace

For petits fours glace we made frangipane which was sheet cake with raspberry jam in the middle and on top. It was also topped with marzipan and then dipped in a fondant glaze. Making this was a bit of a process but the final product was really beautiful. First thing we did was bake off the frangipane cake which was bakes on a sheet pan, very flat, and stayed in the oven for 30-40 minutes. Once it was cool we were able to cut it in half and stack one piece on top of the other using raspberry jam to stick the two pieces together. We then topped it with marzipan and put it into the freezer until we were ready to glaze it. My partner and I decided to cut our frangipane cake first then freeze it so that it could chill while we prepared the fondant glaze. Lastly we removed our frangipane cake from the freezer after about 20 minutes and dipped it in the glaze. We used a fork to help guide us when dipping the cake squares. Once each piece dried/hardened a little we topped them with the marzipan spring theme items we chose. For mine I did yellow lemonade cups. If I were to do this again the only thing I would change is trying to make a different topping to go on top of my frangipane cake.


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