Petits Fours Demi-Sec

One cookie that we made that can be considered a petits fours demi-sec is the french macaroon. When making these, every group had to make macaroons but we could choose any filling we wanted for the middle so my group chose to do a peppermint chocolate filling. Because we chose that filling we ended up dying our macaroons green. When making our macaroon mixture we were not able to whip up our eggs white until our water and sugar reached a temperature of 220 degrees. We then whipped the eggs whites and once the sugar and water mixture reached 240 degrees we slowly drizzled it into the 5 quart mixer where the eggs white were whipping. Although, the tricky part is that when drizzling it in the mixture, you cannot allow the sugar and water mixture come into contact with the whip or the sides of the bowl. Now that the egg whites, sugar and water where all mixed together we added it slowly into the other mixture of the remaining ingredients, once it was cooled to 104 degrees. It slowly all came together and became a more runny paste. We then piped the mixture onto a sheet pan and baked the macaroons for about 11 minutes at a temperature of 329 degrees. When they came out of the oven and cooled my group filled our macaroons with a peppermint chocolate filling which was just chocolate ganache with peppermint extract in it. If I were to do this again the only thing I would change would be the color and flavor of the macaroons, just so I would be able to try something different.