Sheet Cookie

Something I didn’t know was that brownies were considered a sheet cookie, I always just looked at them as brownies. Before making the brownie mixture we toasted almonds which were to be put inside the brownies. Once those were done and cooling we began to make our brownie mixture, folding in the almonds last. We put the batter onto a half sheet pan that was greased and lined with parchment paper. Once the batter was evenly spread across the entire half sheet pan, we placed the half sheet pan on top of a full sheet pan and bake the brownies. The brownies had to bake until they were 95% set, but after about 20 minutes is when we would check the brownies and rotate the sheet pan. Once they were done we took them out of the oven to cool. Lastly removing them from the pan and applying the ganache on top. We chilled the brownies in the refrigerator for a little bit so that cutting them would be easier because the ganache would be hardened. We used our cake combs to make swirled lines going across the brownies then cut them into 1 inch by 1 inch squares. I really enjoyed making these brownies, especially because they had almonds in them and I love all kinds of nuts. The only thing I would do differently if I were to make the brownies again the only thing I would really change is to make the swirled lines with my cake comb a little later because I did mine a little too soon and it messed up the design on the top of the brownies a little bit. But other than that the brownies were really something that I enjoyed making and would definitely make them again many more times.