Bagged/Pressed Cookie

For our bagged/pressed cookie we made spritz cookies. I have never made them before so I wasn’t really sure how well they would turn out. Once our mixture was all done we used a small star tip to pipe the spritz cookies onto a sheet pan. Piping the cookie were pretty easy and the way we pipped them was kind of like making small rosettes. Once we filled the whole sheet pan we dotted the middle of the cookie with a little bit of raspberry jam. Something to know for when you are baking the spritz cookie is that they do not spread when baking so you can usually fit a large amount on each sheet pan. The spritz cookies baked at 350 degrees until they were a golden brown. They cooled pretty quickly because they were so small. These cookies were pretty simple and easy to make and it is definitely something that I would make again. If I were to do it again the only thing I would change is maybe trying to dot the middle of the cookie with a different kind of jam other┬áthan raspberry.


Dropped/deposit cookie

On day 1 each group was assigned a certain type of cookie, I was in group 5 and we were assigned to make chocolate chip cookies. Chocolate chip cookies are one of the many cookies that are considered dropped/deposit/scooped cookies. We started off converting our formula, using a yield of 1000 grams. Once scaling all the ingredients we prepared the cookie dough using the creaming method. It didn’t take long for the mixture to come together, and once that was all set we were able to start scooping the cookies onto the sheet pan. To do so we used an ice cream scoop, and because these cookies do spread a bit we staggered them on the sheet pan. We baked the cookies for only about 12-15 minutes at a temperature of 350 degrees. Once they were baked we let them cool for a while then we ale to package them. Chocolate chip cookies are my favorite kind of cookie so I really enjoyed making them. If I were to make them again there is not much that I would change.